Self-test on dominant strategies, dominated strategies, and Nash equilibrium

                                    Left           Right
                Up                3,3             4,4
                Down              4,2              3,10
3_4 The Nash equilibrium is
A. Up, Left
B. Up, Right
C. Down, Left
D. Down, Right

B. CORRECT. Neither Row nor Column would deviate. Row's payoff would fall from 4 to 3, and Column's from 4 to 3 also from unilaterial deviation.

Note that another way to reason that this is a sensible equilibrium is, in this context, to use iterated dominance. Left is a dominated strategy for Column. Believing Left is out of the question, Row finds Up preferable to Down, yielding 4 instead of 3.

I prefer to use the Nash equilibrium reasoning because it always applies to games, whereas for games that do not have any dominated strategies, the iterated dominance approach is useless.

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