July 4, 2017

Eric, Helen, Amelia, Faith, Benjamin, and Lillian Rasmusen
2810 Dale Court Hyde Park, Bloomington, Indiana 47401
(812) 345-8573

The best map is from Google. In Google, try searching 2810 Dale Court Bloomington Indiana and then click on "Map of 2810 Dale Court, Bloomington, IN". But I have other directions below in case Google doesn't work.

To get to Dale Court: you can come:
(1) via Rogers Road, Sare Road, Tapp’s Turn, and Olcott;
(2) via Moore’s Pike and Olcott;
or (3) via Smith Rd. and St. Remy Drive.

Here is a map to Dale Court if you start within a mile or so. To get to the business school (the Kelley School) from the North, come south on Route 37 and turn east on 46, the Bypass. Take this past the football and basketball stadiums to Fee Lane, which has a traffic light and a state police station. Turn south there and go down to the big parking garage just before Tenth and Fee Lane. The part of the business school with faculty offices is on the east side of 10th and Fee. Eric Rasmusen is in HH3080H, on the 3rd floor, north side.

The Indiana University campus, and the parking garage and business school, and a hand-drawn map.

Here is the Kelley website same the parking garage and business school, in case the one above doesn't work.