``The R Page" (26 February 2010)

  1. R instructions

  2. Example input data file.

  3. I have posted a sample session *.txt log generated by the two files above.

  4. The session creates the files data3.txt and data3.csv and summary.tex .

  5. To process the summary.tex file, add in latex boilerplate to get summary1.tex and then run it through latex to get summary1.pdf.
  6. By using save-as commands during the session, one can save the plots that are created, in the format of your choice. Examples are r-fig1- histogram.bmp and r-fig2-scatter.pfd.pdf and r- fig3-kernel.density.tif and r-fig-regression.jpg.

Location: http://www.rasmusen.org/a/r.htm

Comments: Erasmuse@Indiana.edu.