Good Articles of 2016 (links )

These are articles I discovered in 2016. Some of them were written earlier. The Web has expanded our opportunities to read, but made it hard to know where to find wisdom. I hope this list will help narrow down the search-- and help me remember which articles are worth re-reading. This year my list is a hurried construction. Next year, I hope to select better. Nonetheless, all these articles are ones I took note of and saved.
1. " “Toxic Chromium” Fearmongering:
Detecting Cr-6 Droplets in Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool Doesn’t Equal Health or Cancer Risks," C-fact by Paul Driessen (September 17, 2016).

by Yu Jie First Things (August 2016).

3. "Track and Battlefield:
Everybody knows that the "gender gap" between men and women runners in the Olympics is narrowing. Everybody is wrong," by Steve Sailer and Dr. Stephen Seiler, December 31, 1997.

4. "The Four Idols of Francis Bacon,", Manly P. Hall.

5."The Great Chain of Contempt:
Intellectuals left and right have lost faith—and mercy," by Frank H. Buckley, The American Conservative, (October 27, 2016).

6. "I Had an Affair with My Hero, a Philosopher Who’s Famous for Being ‘Moral’,"
Anonymous, Thought Catalog (April 26, 2014).

7. ``Art Hoaxes,''
Dennis Hutton, The Encyclopedia of Hoaxes , edited by Gordon Stein (Detroit: Gale Research, 1993).

8. Six Lessons from a Five-Year FOIA Battle,"
Columbia Journalism Review, by Philip Eil (September 28, 2016).

9. "Teaching Calvin in California,"
The New York Times Jonathan Sheehan (September 12, 2016)

10. "Why Daughters Need Their Dads,"
by Meg Meeker Lifewaymen (January 5, 2016).

11. "The Role of Synthetic Fuel in World War II Germany:
Implications for today?", by Peter W. Becker, Air University Review . (July/August 1981).

12. "Cities and Counties Come to Grips with the High Cost of Recycling Programs,"
The Washington Post by Abigail Hauslohner and Antonio Olivo, The Washington Post (June 23, 2015).