Good Articles of 2017 (links )

These are articles I discovered in 2017. Some of them were written earlier. The Web has expanded our opportunities to read, but made it hard to know where to find wisdom. I hope this list will help narrow down the search-- and help me remember which articles are worth re-reading.
1. "The End of the Modern Academy: At the University of Chicago, for Example,"
Richard A. Shweder, Social Research (2017).

2. "Q&A: Edward Luttwak: The Military Strategist talks about Israeli security, Henry Kissinger, the Arab Spring, and the death of Osama Bin Laden ,"
David Samuels, Tablet (2011).

3. "Anthony Casey Addresses Entering Students,"
Anthony Casey, University of Chicago Law School, Entering Students Dinner (2013).

4. "Americaís New Mandarins: The paths to power and success are narrowing. So is the worldview of the powerful,"
The Daily Beast Megan McCardle (2013).

5."The Real Message behind Audi's Super Bowl Ad Isn't Exactly an Uplifting One,"
Jack Baruth, The Truth about Cars (2017).

6. "How to Snag a Table at an In-Demand Restaurant:
Donít name drop; do try an app; donít arrive too early. Restaurateurs give tips for getting a reservation," Alina Dizik, The Wall Street Journal (2017).

7. ``I didn't fall in love with my wife''
Matt Walsh, The Blaze (2017).

8. "Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective,"
Roger C. Wiense, The American Scientific Affiliation (1994/2002).

9. " The Flight 93 Election,"
Public Decius Mus, The Claremont Review of Books (2016).

10. "Why the Cultured Life Is Worth Pursuing,"
Joseph Epstein, The Weekly Standard ( 2017).

11. "In Defense of Judge Roy Moore,"
Frank J. Tipler American Thinker (2017). Short, elegant, and philosophical.

12. "The Stanford Professor Who Fought the Tax Lobby,"
Alex Mayyasi, Priceonomics (2017).