1996 Christmas List

Other Good Things of 1996 that I didn't put on my list:

Fraoch heather ale. Killer Angels , by Shaara, 1974. The Survival of the Birch Bark Canoe , by John McPhee, 1975. The Ivory Grin , by Ross Macdonald, 1952. Introduction to the First Three Gospels , by William Barclay, 1966/75. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout beer. Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. The Diamond District of New York. The Wine-Dark Sea , by Patrick O'Brien, 1993. The Chinese movie ``Eat-Drink-Man-Woman''. Aging and Old Age , by Richard Posner, 1996. Not a Hazardous Sport , by Nigel Barley,1988. Sprecher Black Bavarian beer.

Shaara, KILLER ANGELS, 1974. About Gettysburg.

John MCPHEE. THe Survival of the Birch Bark Canoe, 1975, about 130pp. One of his very good books, about a canoe trip across Maine with a pigheaded canoebuilder.

Ross MACDONALD, THE IVORY GRIN. 1952, 249pp. A very good book by the best writer of American detective novels ever. THe plot is not quite as twisted as in most of his novels, but it is pretty twisted. This one is more haunting in its characters.

BARCLAY, William. Introduction to the First Three Gospels. New edition. 1966/75. 303 pp. Very good.

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout truly is good. Creamy and soothing, nto at all like Guinness.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan. Worth visiting.

Diamond district, New York. Fascinating to window shop.

Patrick OBrien, THE WINE-DARK SEA, 1993. Good, as usual.

C.S. LEWIS. A GRIEF OBSERVED. Very good, reminding me somehow of Pascal. This is about his reactions to the death of his wife. 1963, 151 pp.

Eat-Drink-Man-Woman. Extremely good Taiwanese movie.

Richard Posner, Aging and Old Age.

Nigel BARLEY, Not a Hazardous Sport, 1988, 206 pp. A very good book about an anthropologist and some Celebesian natives, including the story of how he brought some woodcarvers to England for an exhibition. Very Funny.

FRAOCH HEATHER ALE. Delightful stuff. Bad label, tho. Malty and flowery.

SPRECHER, Black Bavarian beer. Very very good. Not a stout, really-- it may be a lager, even. The pure, srong, flavor is roasted barley. Not too thick.

The Miller Brewery tour.

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