14 July 2010
Eric Rasmusen, [email protected] or [email protected]

The Graf Family Genealogy Page

This is for the family of Samuel Graf, who emigrated from St. Gall, Switzerland, to LaSalle County, Illinois around 1835.

The genealogy is in rtf and pdf format at http://www.rasmusen.org/graf-history/special/graf.rtf and http://www.rasmusen.org/graf-history/special/graf.pdf, the latter password-protected with the password `graf' to make google-searching harder. The genealogy just show names and dates.

The history written by Marilyn Suppes is on the web in HTML and MS-Word in large files because of the pictures--- 33MB for the MS-Word file. I also posted the history in many pdf parts. Those are below, with sizes shown, for people with dial-up connections.

You can also get them in two big pdf files: Part 1 (11M) and Part 2 (8M). They are at http://www.rasmusen.org/special/graf-history/Graf1.pdf and http://www.rasmusen.org/special/graf-history/Graf2.pdf.