Mushrooms (28 October 2009)

This is Eric Rasmusen's page for pictures of mushrooms and anything else about them that he cares to include.
An amanita. Another amanita. A big white mushroom that is not an amanita. Many small mushrooms. An earthball, I think.

A large white one. One of the boletes that were so common in the campground.

Here is an amanita at three ages. We went camping September 2006 in Brown County State Park on a day that mushrooms had sprouted. There were yellow boletes in huge numbers, probably edible, though we did not try any. There were also amanitas such as the yellowish one depicted. What kind? There are lots of them. Maybe it's amanita pantherina, or maybe amanita gemmata. Poisonous, no doubt. Two-year-old Lily quickly learned to say "Poisonous mushroom!" whenever she saw a big white one.

This is, accidentally, a good picture in that it shows mushrooms at three ages. The big one in front has its cap flat, but behind it is a younger one with its cap pointy and an older one with its cap spread like a blown-out umbrella.