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July 07, 2004


Steve Sailer has interesting things to say, with source links, about the stealing proclivities of Gypsies. It is perhaps surprising that there do not exist more such groups in Western society, loyal to their clan but predatory towards outsiders, given that we are so vulnerable to crime and that the insider-outsider distinction is really the natural one for human beings. Maybe they do exist and I don't know of them. At any rate, here's what Sailer has to say:

As an American, I knew that the teenage males of some ethnic groups had a higher proclivity to steal , but I had never before heard of a group where many parents trained their toddlers to steal. Even more horribly, some parents break their children's teeth or bones as part of an insurance scam or to make them into better beggars.

We're not supposed to think about the victims of Gypsy criminals because, after all, crime victims are not real victims (i.e., they are just random human beings, not an organized political pressure group).

... The Rev. Larry Merino, who evangelizes among American Gypsies in Indiana, notes:
"Gypsies believe a myth that says a lot about the conception most people have of this group. It seems that a Gypsy stole a fourth nail at the crucifixion site that was destined to be used to nail the Savior's head to the cross. Since this act of larceny turned out to be an inadvertent act of mercy, God gave Gypsies the right to take things that didn't belong to them. Many Gypsies believe this is actually true! This being the case, it takes a missionary to this group a long time to undo what has been part of their culture for centuries."
That's why there's never been a Zionist or separatist movement among Gypsies. Jews could successfully start their own national homeland, away from their persecutors, but the Gypsies can't imagine living in their own country with no productive non-Gypsies to leech off.
Gypsies in Indiana! I wonder if I've met any? Actually, I now recall the story of the "Irish Traveller" Madelyne Toogood who was caught on tape punching her 4-year-old in the face in a Kohl's parking lot after trying to con the store by false returns of goods. So there do exist other groups besides Gypsies.

Posted by erasmuse at July 7, 2004 11:04 AM

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The Rev. Larry Merino? He doesnt minister to Gypsies in Indiana, I have never heard of him before. I think he made that story up like he made up that he even knows us and told it to you. Most Gypsies in Indiana are Catholic, espesially the Irish, but all of the others abroud like the romanys and the English travellers have there own churches with there own Ministers under Life and Light or Full Gospel organizations. As for crime amogst our people there are over 25,000 of us in the United States. Yes there are going to be criminals but arnt there criminals amongst all people? The crime rate among our people is very low, however the only time we are brought up on Tv or in the paper is when a crime occurs. Every now and then a crime commited amongst the Amish is televised but nobody makes as big of a fuss as if it were a Traveller. Many Travellers live among you and you are completely unaware as we are not all the stereotype that the media portrays us to be.

Posted by: Hugh at March 10, 2005 10:35 PM

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