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October 30, 2004

Baron Hill Lying about His Liberalism-- Hiding behind Courts

One thing I hate about liberals is how they use the courts to subvert the Constitution and then claim they are just defending the Constitution and "separation of powers". There is a large class (majority? 90%?) of law professors who do not even acknowledge the fact that the Supreme Court can act unconstitutionally-- for them, what the Supreme Court says is what the Constitution says, by definition. Our U.S Rep. here in Bloomington, Baron Hill, is doing the same. He claims he is against various judicial atrocities, but then he votes against any attempt to prevent them, and claims his opponents are lying when they say he favors what the courts are doing. It's sickening. I heard one of his ads this morning on the radio. It claimed he represented traditional values-- which he clearly does not. If only liberals would admit to their views! Here's what the Herald Times has to say ($) about Baron Hill.

The signs accuse Hill of supporting gay marriage and flag burning and wanting to "take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance."

"All of it is lies," said Hill, who faces Republican Mike Sodrel in a heated re-election battle. "It's really disturbing to me that somebody would just blatantly lie about my views."


Bernitt issued a news release Friday that denied lying about Hill, and said it's the congressman who is deceiving the public. He cited Hill's vote in September against the Pledge Protection Act, which says courts should have no say in whether language in the pledge is constitutional. The House passed it, 247-173.


"Baron Hill's vote was so out of step with Hoosier values that we couldn't sit by and let him get away with hiding this secret," he said in the release.

Bernitt would not answer questions about the group's funding, who is involved with it and the fairness of its claims. [note the bias of the Herald-Times here-- Bernitt addressed fairness just above here, in the same story!]

Hill said he voted against the pledge bill because it was unconstitutional.

"We have this thing in the Constitution called separation of powers," he said.

As for other issues targeted by the billboards, Hill said he voted against denying courts jurisdiction over marriage for the same reason and opposed an amendment to ban flag burning because he is leery of changing the Constitution.

Hill said the billboards go beyond disagreement on issues and misrepresent his values.

"This is personal," he said. "It's challenging my character. I hope people will see through it."

Yes, it is challenging his character. That's the point. He is not just a liberal, but lies about it.

Posted by erasmuse at October 30, 2004 04:24 PM

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