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December 29, 2004

Suppression of Free Speech in the Netherlands; Islam v. Christianity

The Nov 29, 2004 National Review tells us
On November 2, the day on which Americans gave their verdict on the president, the people of the Netherlands received, through the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, a horrific reminder that no country anywhere can be truly be said to be immune from the threat posed by Islamic extremism. In Amsterdam that day, an assassin shot Van Gogh, stabbed him, and then butchered him like a sacrificial animal. By making the film Submission, a caustic attack on Muslim misogyny, Van Gogh had transgressed the code of the fanaticism that has, alas, made its home in Holland too. And for that he had to die. In the aftermath, there was tough talk from the Dutch government, but the best clue as to what will happen next comes, probably, from Rotterdam. There, a local artist reacted to the murder by painting a mural that included the words "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Fair comment, you might think. Apparently not. The head of a nearby mosque complained. The police showed up. City workers sandblasted the inconvenient text into oblivion. "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Erased, obliterated, unacceptable. Much like Theo van Gogh. R.I.P.
This reminds me of the people in Saskatchewan and Sweden who got into trouble with the law for quoting Scripture on the subject of homosexuality. Homosexuals and Moslems are both good at being pressure groups, using political heft, simple complaining, and the threat of court coercion. Moslems, in addition, have used the threat of violence effectively.

(Looking back at my previous posts, I see that I have one on Canada generally too and that the prominent pro-homosexual politician in this debate, Svend Robinson, is the same man who in 2004 resigned after being caught stealing a valuable diamond ring. )

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