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February 06, 2005

Four Types of Prayer; God as Friend

Pastor Whitaker's sermon today was good, if too long. He shouted a bit, which I think is good, if inelegant, because we really do need to be woken up. The subject was prayer and the Problem of Evil, as the "Thy Kingdom Come" part of a series on the Lord's Prayer. Here is one quote, verbatim:
"We've reduced Him to our friend,who does whatever we ask."
Quite so. And we feel wronged when our pal doesn't put Himself out for us. The sermon made me think of four types of prayers:
1. "God, why are You thwarting my plan?" 2. "God, can You help me with my plan?" 3. "God what is Your plan for me?" 4. "God, how can I be part of Your plan?"
The last is the attitude we should take. My prayer is most commonly (2), and I often lapse into (1). I suppose I should cut this list out and paste it over my bedstead.

Posted by erasmuse at February 6, 2005 07:48 PM

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