August 16, 2004

Are Homosexual Politicians Criminals?

I've posted on how prominent Canadian homosexual politician Svend Robinson was caught stealing a $64,000 ring. Just a couple of days later, we find that the Democratic governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey, has confessed to homosexuality and is resigning, apparently to avoid blackmail from a man to whom he'd given a $110,000 salary in exchange for sexual favors.

The Vancouver Sun of August 14 tells us that McGreevey gave the $110,000 per year job of "homeland security chief" to an Israeli "poet" who used to work for the Israeli consulate aroused comment even before the sexual link was known. Within three months, McGreevey had changed the man's title to "policy advisor". The man resigned within a year, after complaints that he rarely showed up for work.

Is this kind of criminality inevitable in homosexual politicians? I can only think of three others offhand. U.S. Representative Barney Frank had a lover who used his apartment for prostitution, but, I think, without Frank's knowledge. Rep. Kolbe hasn't commited any crimes that I know of. And there was another Massachusetts U.S. Rep. from Cape Cod, I think, who molested boy pages (or was it interns?) but was never prosecuted. Not a very honorable list, is it?

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