The Bell Curve Page

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Charles Murray has provided the data he used in the analysis in his book, The Bell Curve . The actual data files are in the low megabyte range, and are available in two formats. Please note that the data includes weights for each observation, because the survey from which it comes sampled different groups with different weights. Also, some of the data is in the form of `z-scores', which means that is is measured as standard deviations away from a mean of zero.

If you encounter problems reading the data, please let me know. I probably can't help, since I haven't been using this data in the past few years, but you never know. If you solve your problem, let me know about that too, so I can post the solution.

Data Files From Charles Murray, in His Format
Files are saved as Macintosh text files with labels, tab indicating end of field, and CR indicating end of line.
Data Files As I Modified Them, with Commas Separating the Entries
I used the EXCEL spreadsheet to change the format into one I could use more easily, and made a few other small changes. The output are csv files, with each entry separated by a comma.
Some Regression Files Using STATA
I like the STATA program very much, and here include some input and output files using the data above.