Students taking G401: The Business Manager in the Economic Environment

Student Names and Email Addresses, October 26, 1998

The point of this web page is to provide a list of students in the class, with contact information, so that you can help each other in the course. I have indicated if the person is in the morning discussion section on Friday, and what company has been chosen for assignments. It may be that some people are not listed here (if they are auditing, for example). All this information is publicly available, and you can also use the Indiana University Address Book; to find people.

Note that these are not links, just email addresses.

Team 01:

BOWERS_ANDREW_KEITH<[email protected]>

MAZZA_MICHAEL-D<[email protected]>

TATOM_MARK_WILLIAM<[email protected]>

Team 02:

KIM_STEPHEN<[email protected]>

PERRONE_SARAH_ELIZABETH<[email protected]>

STOLL_DARREN_HENRY<[email protected]>

Team 03:

BENGERT_JEFF_WILLIAM<[email protected]>

ERRINGTON_AIMEE_SUZANNE<[email protected]>

Team 04:

BARADA_JONTHAN_WINSHIP<[email protected]>

GNAGY_JASON_ALAN<[email protected]>


Team 05:

MALASTO_ZACHARY_THOMAS<[email protected]>

PERRY_JEFFREY_MICHAEL<[email protected]>

UBER_MATTHEW_ROBERT<[email protected]>

Team 06:



Team 07:

DORBECKER_JON_ERIC<[email protected]>

EISENBERG_ROBERT_JOEL<[email protected]>

PUSKAR_PAUL_EDWARD<[email protected]>

Team 08:

HAMPTON_LORI_ANN<[email protected]>


WARNER_JENNIFER_AMELIA<[email protected]>

Team 09:

CIRA_THOMAS_DEAN_JR<[email protected]>

DREW_M"ICHAEL_WILLIAM<[email protected]>

HAINES_JOHN_ADAM<[email protected]>

Team X:

ARIANI SISWANTO_MADE<[email protected]>

CLESS_STEPHEN_GARY<[email protected]>

GLADISH_THEODORE_VERNON<[email protected]>

IDZIK_MARK_ELLIOT<[email protected]>


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