11 September 2006
G601, Indiana University
Professor Rasmusen, erasmuse@indiana.edu
Due: 10pm, Sunday September 17


For this assignment, you will create a two-page document in Latex and then turn it into a pdf file.

1. Download Miktex from http://www.miktex.org/ or use a computer that has it already or has Scientific Workplace (which I think is inferior, as well as more expensive).

2. For a titlepage, include all the elements that you see on titlepages of my papers (your name, address, date, etc.)

3. Your next page should replicate http://www.rasmusen.org/g601/tasks/texsample.pdf. You can use the front and end commands that I've put at the end of this file if you use Miktex. In Miktex, you can use the command pdflatex c:/folder1/myfilename.tex to process the latex file myfilename.tex and turn it into pdf.

Email me your latex and pdf files as attachments.

You can learn latex by googling or by following patterns from files at my website (look at my various research papers, or book chapter files).

I also have a webpage on latex tips and tricks, but it only contains advanced commands. You may find it useful someday. See http://rasmusen.org/a/latex-rasmusen.txt Each of you should email me the assignment separately, but feel free to work on it together, especially on getting Miktex to work.







  \parindent 24pt

 \parskip 10pt