Cedars Math:Chapter 2

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Chapter Two: Fractions

Lesson 2.2, Mixed Numbers. Monday, September 21.

Lesson 2.3, Factors and Prime Numbers. Wednesday, September 23.

Lesson 2.4, Putting a Fraction into Lowest Terms . Friday, September 25.

Lesson 2.4b, Plotting Functions, Divisibility by 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 Monday, September 27.

Lesson 2.5, Multiplying Fractions. Wednesday, September 29.

Lesson 2.7, Dividing Fractions. Friday, October 1.

Lesson 2.8a, More Multiplication. Monday, October 4.

Lesson 2.8b, Wednesday, October 6. Emails, Prime Numbers

  • Gordon Klein video from Fox's Tucker Carlson Show.

Friday, October 8. No class. Trip to Indianapolis.

Monday, Wed., Friday, Fall Break.