Cedars Math:Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: More on Fractions

3.1: Adding fractions with the same denominator. Monday, October 18.

  • The Python code by Professor Connell to test the Polya Conjecture.

'Wednesday, October 20. Review.'

Friday, October 22. Test 2. LaTeX and Anaconda Python.

Least Common Multiples. Monday, October 25.

Adding Fractions. Wed., October 27.

Friday, October 29. Adding Mixed Numbers.

  • Monopoly: It is not a crime to be a monopoly, but it is one to monopolize. You can be the only company selling something because you have the best prices and product, but you can't, for example, combine all the companies selling the product together and raise the price. My amicus brief explaining that the lady who designs websites in Colorado doesn't count as a monopoly is "303 CREATIVE v. Elenis et al., Brief for Law and Economics Scholars as Amici Curiae."

3.5. Order of Operations and Greater Than. Monday, November 1.

  • Mr. Rasmusen will be in Florida and will teach by Zoom. The class will meet in room 106 as usual.
  • Video of the class.