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Lists and Rankings


Christopher Hoffman Aug 26, 2020.

  • Hillsdale College Reading and Writing 660-740, Math 640-730 (2019–20)
Swarthmore: Reading and Writing 680-750, Math 700-790 (2019–20)
Amherst College Reading and Writing 650-740, Math 660-780 2019–20
I hear Hillsdale's applications were up 50% (literally) this year and the President claims they are around #25 in the country in test scores of the new incoming class. They have been steadily improving. No affirmative action admits either, I expect, and few alumni admits, so the lower quartile (outside the ranges give above) will be drastically better than comparable colleges.

Notre Dame

Patrick Henry College

University of Dallas (Catholic)

Nursing Schools

  • Baylor
  • IUPUI, Indy
  • Chicago Circle
  • Indiana, Bloomington