Covid: treatments

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See also Ivermectin.


Blood Pressure Medicine

  • I wonder if blood pressure medicine would cure covid. It's an odd disease for which comorbidities seem to matter a lot more than usual. Mild worm cases might be one of them. As I recall, high blood pressure is one of them, with unknown mechanism. Lots of people have high blood pressure and don't know it. If we gave a random sample of people with early covid high blood pressure medication, maybe we'd find they'd do better, on average, than a control group because we'd accidentally be catching some of them with untreated high blood pressure.

FDA Murders

FDA plans to kill 50,000 Americans over the next month - over 16X the direct casualties from 2001/9/11 - by keeping it illegal for doctors to prescribe Paxlovid. Can no one stop these homicidal supervillains?