Critical Thinking

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I used to look down on the term "critical thinking" because I thought it had no content. What is the difference between critical thinking and uncritical thinking? Why would anyone want to engage in uncritical thinking? Why don't we just call it "thinking"?

But I've changed my mind. Most people, in fact, do engage in uncritical thinking. They have linked thoughts in their head, maybe even logical ones, but they do not critique-- they do not look for what is good and what is bad in their subject, except in the crudest of ways by asking whether it is something they are supposed to 100% like or 100% dislike.

This is why censorship is so popular. If you either believe in something 100% or disbelieve in it 100%, then the most urgent need in society is to get rid of the 100% false books and just keep the 100% true ones.