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*[https://brutalhammer.com/hamms-threatening-to-become-popular-again/ "Hamm’s Threatening to Become Popular Again,"] March 6, 2018,  Bryan Dent.
*[https://brutalhammer.com/hamms-threatening-to-become-popular-again/ "Hamm’s Threatening to Become Popular Again,"] March 6, 2018,  Bryan Dent.
*[https://brutalhammer.com/a-b-inbev-killing-off-one-of-its-iconic-brands/ How Anheuser-Busch moved Beck's to Germany, tried to fool consumers, was sued, and lost.]

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  • Lazzaroni Amare is good-- a brown bitter-sweet aperitif. It's good diluted heavily.




*On Bushmill's and Jameson's Irish whiskies: "Protestant Whiskey,"
Bryan Dent
  • Sotol, made from Desert Spoons in northern Mexico.

Exceeding expectations since 1957"], Bryan Dent.

"Unaged aquavit is best served chilled, with the bottle pulled straight from the freezer or, for a more striking presentation, literally frozen into a block of ice."


  • One-Cup Sake

A person can happily spend hours and a small fortune getting familiar with the intricacies of sake. But a frugal and less fastidious-minded nihonshu lover will want to forego the large, pricy bottles from Japan’s top labels and instead reach for single-serve cup sake. Although often characterized as a cheap tipple of boozing older men, cup sake is a diverse category that spans everything from mass-market varieties to small-batch, premium grades. --https://www.nippon.com/en/nipponblog/m00146/

Https://www.nippon.com/en/ncommon/contents/nipponblog/81111/81111.jpg%7Cthumb%7COne-Cup Sake