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One of the chief skills of the trial lawyer is filing. There are a zillion diverse documents, and your own notes,to keep track of. Is this taught in law school? Any tips or software recommendations? In academe, all I need to keep track of is articles and data.

Actually, filing is a big reason to hire a lawyer in itself. If I die, how is anyone going to find my will? I have it now, in pendaflex even, but it might well get lost or misplaced. It's no good writing a will if nobody can find it--so $2,000 to the lawyer just for that is OK.

My econ PhD advisor, Frank Fisher, said that for expert witnessing, one of the staff should be the "data guy", totally specialized. That was because, as I recall, getting a number wrong was something every judge and juror could use to impeach you, unlike equations.


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