Man and Woman

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  • What gender neutering is all about: obliterating the female and femininity, first, and obliterating the male and masculinity, second.

I have a tape measure I keep in the top of a tool bag at the corner of the garage. It has been there for years. I use it frequently. I go to the tool bag to get the tape measure and it's not there. I say "honey, where is the tape measure", then she goes to another toolbox that has my not frequently used tools in it and it's under a compartment with needle nose pliers. That is not where the tape measure has ever been and it would take less time to go to Home Depot and buy a new one than guess it's in a compartment it shouldn't be.

She moved it there. Then she sends me a tiktok video on how husbands can't find anything. The ego is unbelievable. ...

If my my wife asks me where something is, I tell her where it is.

If I ask her where something is, she throws a tantrum and stomps over to where it is like it’s some giant burden.

I honestly do not understand. Sometimes you need to find something and someone else knows where it is. The efficient solution is to ask....

Women were sent to us by G-d as a test of our faith and patience....

This is a completely true and weird aspect of married life. I get along great with my wife, and yet I have the exact same experience as the OP....

  • There seems to be a gender difference. Women get relief just from talking about their problems; men feel worse after talking about their problems. (Here, we mean "pure talking", not "finding solutions".)
  • I just read in a novel that three-year-old Debbie, "took another forkful, and as she moved it to her mouth, she spilled it on her dress. Then, like a normal woman, she got mad at everyone around her. She announced that it was terrible and she didn't like it; she wouldn't eat any more." Is that a true insight?