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  • "Building on Tradition — 1,400 Years of a Family Business" by Irene Herrera "Before its liquidation, Kongō Gumi was the oldest continuously operating company in the world. Founded in Japan a mere century after the fall of the Roman Empire, it survived extreme changes in Japan’s culture, government and economy, preserving traditional construction techniques and family values for over 1,400 years."
  • Valery Salov, one of the world's best chess players, thinks Hitler was part of a conspiracy to set up the nation of Israel, that Jewish identity is a myth, and that the Kabbalah explains a lot. Bobby Fischer too.


The Left

The detective novels got a rewrite in 1959. Was it a needed scrubbing or a sign of cancel culture?,"] WSJ.

Jay Nordlinger, Law and Liberty (2021).

Elite schools breed entitlement, entrench inequality—and then pretend to be engines of social change."] Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic (2021).

The Right


  • Personality disorders," Mayo Clinic description of the three clusters, euphemistically called A, B, and C. Are they psychotics, sociopaths, and neurotics?