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  • "Building on Tradition — 1,400 Years of a Family Business" by Irene Herrera "Before its liquidation, Kongō Gumi was the oldest continuously operating company in the world. Founded in Japan a mere century after the fall of the Roman Empire, it survived extreme changes in Japan’s culture, government and economy, preserving traditional construction techniques and family values for over 1,400 years."
  • Valery Salov, one of the world's best chess players, thinks Hitler was part of a conspiracy to set up the nation of Israel, that Jewish identity is a myth, and that the Kabbalah explains a lot. Bobby Fischer too.


The Left

  • "The Old South Shall Rise Again, Victor Hanson, The New Criterion (2022). How Silicon Valley and the Antebellum South have many social parallels-- race obsession, poor infrastructure, great wealth, one-party rule, etc.
  • “We Will Burn and Loot and Destroy”: The Weather Underground and Its Legacy, Jay Nordlinger, Law and Liberty (2021). The first part is informative, but towards the end he makes the ridiculous claim that the Right supported violence like the Left did in 2020, and that we all underestimate how much violence is on our side. No we don't. The media is Left, and biases us all towards underestimating Left violence and towards imagining Right violence. Nordlinger is Establishment, and so he doesn't like Trump and wants to smear him. Still, the first 4/5 of the article is good.

The Right



  • Personality disorders," Mayo Clinic description of the three clusters, euphemistically called A, B, and C. Are they psychotics, sociopaths, and neurotics?