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Various Types


Black Tulip Fungus

Urnula craterium, the devil's urn. Not very edible, they say, though I will try it. Michael Kuo, the great expert, says he tried them and they were mediocre. calls it Black Tulip Fungus, a better name, and has good links. It is basically a vase-like cup fungus, but tougher.

Coral Fungus

Inky Caps and Coprinus Generally

Some of these were put in Parasola after 2001, instead of coprinus.

  • The Pleated Inkcap is a small, delicate mushroom with a very narrow long stem. It has black gills that turn inky, but does not look like a coprinus. Edibility uncertain-- they are so small that people probably haven't much tried. There are several related species. What I found in the Shady Grove in September 2022 were darker than illustrated in the articles.

Lactarius, Milky Cap

  • Indigo Lactarius is the only blue mushroom and is edible, but not very tasty. They are mycorrhizal with oaks and with pines
  • Lactarius hygrophoroides is sometimes called a choice edible, but if what I tasted in September 2022 from Karst Farm Park is that, it was slightly bitter. Mycorrhizal with oaks.

Lepiota: Parasol and Vomiter


  • Chicken Fat Boletes, a type of slippery jack that is edible. They are appearing in 2022 in September 15-21. They are slimy, and leave muck on your hands. The taste is bland, and I like the catfish-liver-like texture. They are numerous, when present.

Gerronema (genus)

I found in August 2021at the Weir Walk growing on a fallen log in large numbers. INaturalist identified it; Plantsnap did not. It apparenlty is of unknown edibility. Its gills make you think of a chantarelle's outside, but it is not wrinkled on the inside. It has a long narrow white stem.

Meadow Mushrooms

May 3, 2021 after rain: First meadow mushroom of the year (agaricus campestris), in the front yard. First poison ivy appearing.


Some morels
  • April 13, 2021. I found two small blackcaps.
  • April 16, 2021. Helen and I found about a dozen half-free blackcap and yellowcap, and one little black morel.
  • May 3, 2021. Found none after a rain.
  • Larry Wissinger

This it what we do .saltiness crackers in the blender. Run them through a milk and egg wash. Coat them good with the cracker crumbs. Fry them in a pan of vegetable oil and butter. Awesome.
Steve Reed
There is my all time favorite…a morel and bacon melt. Rye or pumpernickel buttered and toasted with Swiss cheese and then filled with chopped bacon and morels, sautéed.
Jan Moss
My mom let hers soak in salt water for an hour or so. Then she would dip them in flour and fry in lard. Delicious.



  • May 20, 2022: the first psathyrella are coming up in the lawn near the persimmon tree and the mulched bed.

Drying Rack Garbage Can for Psathyrella with Salt and Pepper

  • Salted Psathyrella snacks.


Sulfur Shelf

October 12, 2020, we found that a big dead tree in the secret garden at the farm is generating large fungus growths. The one we could reach was really just a bulge, rather than shelves, but I am sure it was a sulphur shelf. It is very tender and delicious.