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Fauci Song

Send in the Clowns, and Sondheim generally

I'm My Own Grandpa

Many, many years ago
When I was twenty three
I was married to a widow
Who was pretty as can be

This widow had a grown-up daughter
Who had hair of red
My father fell in love with her
And soon they too were wed

"Rainbow Stew"

Merle Haggard:

When the world wide war is over and done
And the dream of peace comes true
We'll all be drinking that free bubble up
And eating that rainbow stew.

"I Watched It All On My Radio,"

Lionel Cartwright:

And on Saturday night when the skies were all clear
A station from Nashville sometimes would appear
The steel guitars and soft southern twang
The stars of the Grand Ole Opry would sing

And I had a seat on the very front row
And I watched it all on my radio
I watched it all on my radio