Talks: Polarization and Splitting a Pie (January 19, 2021)

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I WILL COPY THE LINK ADDRESSES BELOW INTO THE ZOOM CHAT BOX. If you arrive late, you might not see them, because I think you don't get to see chat box entries from before you arrive in zoom. If so, send me a chat message and I'll repost them.

This page has documents for Eric Rasmusen's Business Economics Brown Bag of January 19, 2021. I will talk about an idea that is at a very early stage, and a paper that is just about ready to resubmit to Economic Theory. Below ares links to the paper, the slides, and the handout. I will be skipping many of the slides today. Chris and I are scheduled to give two talks on "Splitting a Pie" to undergraduate clubs at Hillsdale College in March, one to econ majors and one to math majors. My questions today:

1. Polarization. Has someone in economics, statistics, machine learning, or computer science come up with a metric for polarization that captures both distance and concentration?

2. Pie Splitting. What should we do about an editor who wants to shorten the paper and suggests dropping the results the referees think are most interesting? Which results are the most interesting?

“How Should We Measure Polarization in Congress?”




“Splitting a Pie: Mixed Strategies in Bargaining under Complete Information” (with Christopher Connell)