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January 12, 2005

Bad Comments in Weblogs--- Kevin Drum's Weblog

Yesterday I thought I'd see what liberal bloggers had to say about the Rathergate Report (partly, I must admit, for entertainment value at seeing them squirm). Kevin Drum has a reasonable post in which he acknowledges that CBS messed up, and even adds extra weighty evidence of his own. At the end, to be sure, he says, in effect "the other side does it too" and "plus, Rather are not on our side anyway; this was stupid journalistic zeal, not bias", but if you're going to defend the Democrats, that's the tack to take.

What surprised me, though, was the number of vulgar, thoughtless, and partisan liberal comments his site attracts. In particular, look at the comments to his post on Republican sleaze, by which he means not bribery, such things as but partial repeal of the 1994 rule changes on transparency, big changes made to bills in conference committee, and holding votes open so members can be induced to change their votes in time. (My comment was that the backtracking from 1994 may be bad, but Drum's saying that "It took Democrats 40 years to start losing losing their soul to corruption. Republicans have left them in the dust in a mere decade." is curious given that the Republicans still aren't back to the 1993 rules the Democrats used for decades).

I haven't done a comparison. I wonder if conservative blogs with open comments attract just as many mindless, low-quality readers?

Posted by erasmuse at January 12, 2005 10:12 AM

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