An Answer for the Self-test on Mixed Strategies

                                         BIRD 2 
                                   Hawk         Dove
                   Hawk           -2, -2        4,0
BIRD 1                                         
                   Dove              0,4        1,1

This is like the Hawk-Dove Game we looked at in class, except I have changed the numbers so that while the ordinal rankings are the same, Hawks do much better when they meet Doves. (I changed 0,2 to 0,4; and 2,0, to 4,0).

4_2 What is the mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium probability of Hawk for Bird 2?
A. Between 0 and .2, inclusive.
B. Greater than .2 but less than .5.
C. Between .5 and .7, inclusive
D. Greater than .7

A. Try again. Think about your answers to 4.1-- they can be helpful here.

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