6 August 2005

This page is for my edited volume, Readings in Games and Information, which came out in May 2001. The volume is a reader on game theory, asymmetric information, and modelling. It accompanies my book, Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory, which has its own website. Publisher: Blackwell Publishers, whose pages on it can be found by typing ``Rasmusen'' in their search box. ISBN: 0631215573 (paperback) and 0631215565 (hardback),

You can view files of the TABLE OF CONTENTS (html) with links to everything else that is available on the web. A GOOD STARTING PLACE FOR THIS WEBSITE.

You can, in particular, view the General Preface (i html), and the Chapter Introductions (pdf) (or in ascii.)

Some of the selections are available on the web via the table of contents.

Supplementary Material: Anyone editing a reader like this would find Professor Tom Field's table of copyright expirations, which guides one through the mess of different U.S. statutes since 1909.

See my May 15, 2004 weblog post on Mosteller's presentation ideas.

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