Good Articles of 2018 (links )

These are articles I discovered in 2018. Some of them were written earlier. The Web has expanded our opportunities to read, but made it hard to know where to find wisdom. I hope this list will help narrow down the search-- and help me remember which articles are worth re-reading.
1. "You Don't Understand Our Culture."
Bryan Caplan, Econlog (2018). On how economists argue.

2. " `I Love You, Too': George Bush's Final Days,"
Peter Baker (2018). Touching, and just more evidence that GH Bush was a great man.

3. "Confessions of a Car Salesman," (2009). How to sell cars.

4. "Why ‘No Hate Here’ Signs Are Actually Pretty Hateful, "
F.H. Buckley New York Post (2018). It's Vice Signalling, not Virtue Signalling, and it's the spirit that ruins community.

5."Cuisine Ingredients,."
Nathan Yau, Flowing Data (undated). Most common and most distinctive ingredients in Chinese food, French food, etc.

6. "The Decriminalization Delusion: America Doesn’t Have an Incarceration Problem--- It Has a Crime Problem,"
Heather MacDonald, Frontpage (2018). I wonder if crime targets poor people now more than in 1980 and that's why rich people don't care anymore?

7. "The Gay Priest Problem,''
Catholic World news (2002). How homosexuals dominate the Roman Catholic church.

8. "The Case against Pope Francis,"
Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review (2018). The Pope's power hunger.

9. "The Myth of American Meritocracy,"
Ron Unz, The American Conservative, (2012). Ethnicitity and ability at Harvard and other elite schools.

10. "The Overthrow of the Great Books,"
Mark Bauerlein, Minding the Campus (2018). The decline of the humanities; their mindset. See my "Liberal Education on the Cheap" for remediation.

11. "A Failure of Intelligence; Prominent Physicist Freeman Dyson Recalls the Time He Spent Developing Analytical Methods To Help the British Royal Air Force Bomb German Targets during World War II,"
Freeman Dyson, MIT Technology Review (2006). Such a wonderful writer! He can do both stories and ideas.

12. "Statement,"
Fredrik deBoer (2018). A good model for a public apology, in this case for a false accusation of sexual harassment.