Rotunda Filing in Indiana

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This is a quickie webpage with some extra info about Rotunda Filing in Indiana. That's the process for filing legal papers after hours with the Indiana Supreme Court. I have done it only once, but I did it having to drive up from Bloomington, and I got my form time-stamped with only ten minutes to spare before midnight (here's the filing, an amicus brief in Barnes v. Indiana, the case that criminalized reasonable resistance to unlawful police entry). I would have liked to see some info like this in advance, for peace of mind and possible shaving of minutes, even though everything did work out like clockwork.

You need to go to the east side of the Statehouse in Indianapolis. I parked a block away on Washington Street, metered parking which was plentiful and free at 11:50pm on a Monday night. I walked up the grand steps to the big entrance door, which was kept ajar. Once inside, turn left and the drop box is about ten feet away, with a desk lamp kept on. There is a stack of forms in duplicate to fill out and attach to the original of your document (not the copies) . Pen and stapler are provided. You turn your form sideways and put it into the timeclock slot, which stamps the time on it. The instructions are clearly written-- it's a very nice set-up. Then you drop your papers into something like a library book return. No boxes allowed-- just papers.

No person was there; not even a security guard (though I am sure they are around somewhere--- and I read that there is a security camera (which, by the way, would verify your presence at the claimed hour, so don't be tempted to cheat).


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