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February 21, 2005

Hoppe Academic Freedom Case: University Surrenders

The President seems to have reversed the university's punishment of Professor Hans Hoppe, the economist who lost a year's pay for saying in class that homosexuals have higher time preference (see my page of links here). . . .
. . . From February 19 UNLV: Case Closed, we read

This matter has finally reached the level of presidential appeal, and I have completed my review. As a result, I have directed that the letter of instruction and related materials be withdrawn from Professor Hoppe’s personnel file and that no further action on this complaint be taken by the University. Attached below is a statement which further details my rationale for this decision.. . .

"I have reviewed the report of the Executive Vice President and Provost regarding the discrimination complaint filed by a student against Dr. Hoppe. Professor Hoppe is represented by the ACLU and counsel. I have written to his counsel today regarding my review.

Professor Hoppe has consistently held the opinion that his classroom materials consist of scholarly and relevant theories that have support in the academic economics community. I believe professors are entitled the freedom to teach theories and to espouse opinions that are out of the mainstream or are controversial.

It is my understanding that Professor Hoppe does not assert that materials he presents are the opinions of UNLV, nor has he ever purported to speak for UNLV. Whether anyone in the University agrees or disagrees with Professor Hoppe’s theories or his opinions is not ultimately relevant. . . ."

I found the letter above because EconomicsDaily.com has a February 15 page of links.

The Feb 19 Review Journal reports on this, and says

But Hoppe and his attorneys weren't satisfied with the proposed resolution. They said they also want an apology and a year-long sabbatical for the professor.

Attorney Al Marquis said the sabbatical is appropriate compensation for the year of persecution Hoppe suffered at the hands of UNLV administrators. "He just wants the time to pursue his research," Marquis said. . . .

Marquis praised interim Chancellor Jim Rogers, who met with Harter on Thursday, for negotiating the removal of the letter and supporting freedom of speech. He said he plans to meet with Rogers, system Chief Counsel Dan Klaich and hopefully Harter on Tuesday to discuss the matter further.

"We're trying to resolve the matter without the need of going to court," Marquis said.

Hoppe seems to be a good bargainer-- when the other side makes a concession, press for more. I doubt he'll get it, though. It will be interesting to see if he suffers unofficial punishment. If you recall from my first post on this, the official punishment was going to be a year without a salary increase. It would be pretty easy to retain that punishment, even after removing the official letter from his file. At some point, maybe I'll blog on my own history of salary increase-- substantial every year for ten years till the year of my weblog controversy, when it fell, without comment, to 1%.

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