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    David Friedman and Physicist Cochran Charts n THnigs and AEA Journal Tables of Contents and Minding the Campus, University Reform and Boringly Normal (the California Kims) Robert Murphy (economist) and Indiana Public Media and Taylor U. Philosopher and Wife and Matthew Cochran and the Dilbert blog

    Breitbart and George Borjas and First Things and The Salibury Review and the Claremont Institute . Taranto Best of Web at WSJ He Lives (religion/physics)

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  • SCIENCE: Human Varieties and bishophill (climate)

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    buckleysmix the- american- interest Yglesias POLITICS: National Journal

  • Sandstorm: Martin Kramer on the Middle East and THREE HIERARCHIES, and Clayton Cramer, and Northwestern game theorists blog and Taki's Magazine

  • and The New Criterion and Federal Eye at the Washington Post, and BWeek on managing, and Church Discipline (liberal) and RAND Journal of Economcis articlesand Blattman on Africaand Kausfiles at Slate, and the J.of Legal Analysis, and Kelley publications, and WORLD and Megan McCardle

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