Amy Chua

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  • 2021 Atlantic article, investigative reporting that shows how a student betrayed his friend so as to try to bring down Chua. The Yale Law administration is evil.
  • The "Dossier" a student assembled to try to get Professor Chua in trouble, which appears now in the Doe lawsuit against Dean Gerken.
  • " ," Financial Times lunch. Very good.

She estimates that out of fear or disapproval about 80 per cent of her colleagues stopped talking to her. As the situation has calmed, that has fallen to about a fifth.

Does she miss socialising with her students? “Everything is now so policed. This whole ‘small group’ thing they begged me to do is that you’re supposed to host students, and go apple picking together and play board games?.?.?.?that was the conceit of it.” Apple picking and board games, I ask? “And wine and Cognac,” she confirms.