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This is the main page for my pages of notes. It is what you reach with

Music and Quotations and Words and Jokes and Anecdotes and Books To Read and Articles to read and Notes to Transfer Elsewhere

Politics: The Imperial Presidency and Riker Book and "This Land Is My Land" and Kamala Harris As Prostitute and Politics and Covid-19 and Letter to People Who Might Vote for Biden and Elections and The Press as an arm of the Democratic Party and Diplomats and Inequality and 2020 Capitol Crowd and Liberals and Beauty and Political philosophy and Impeachment and History and Political Tactics for Our Time and Politics generally
Religion: Notes on Religion and The Bible and Ecclesiology and The Good Shepherd and The National Anthem as Idolatry and The Rites Controversy in China and Good Churches in Various Towns across America and Prayer and Church Buildings and The twelve days of Christmas and Making your own Christmas cards folding 8x11 paper and Forgiveness versus Justice and Christian Business
Living Food and Knots and Gardening and Badly Designed Products Design and Software and Python and Hardware and Best Things of 2020 and Places to Go and Units of Measurement and Card games and Movies and Search engines and Happiness
Thinking: Notes on Thinking and C. P. Snow, Good Judgement and Winston Churchill and Boasting and Selfishness and Wokefolk and Books for My Children To Read and Universities and Authority and Innovation
Writing: Poems and Rhetorical Phrases and Punctuation and Orthography and Quotation style and How to Run Online Talks and Notes for My Book-in-Progress on Writing, Talking, Listening and Thinking and Examples of Seminar Handouts and Candidates for Best Dozen Articles I've Read in 2020 and Bad Language and Hyperlinks and the List of Authorities in Legal Briefs and Using foreign names of people and countries
Economics: Taxation in China 1650-1911 and Notes on Economics and Articles to Read and Recycling and The Prosperity of Ching China and The economics profession and Free Trade and Personal investing and Refereeing and Statistics and Talks: Polarization and Splitting a Pie (January 19, 2021) and Convertible Indexed Consols
History The Primacy of Politics in Classical Greece and Nazi Germany
Law: Notes on Law and Tax Law and The undergraduate law major and Parler company and Nondisclosure Clauses and Pardons and Impeachment
Science Short Circuits and Mushrooms and Plants
Miscellaneous: Machiavelli, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Their Friends and Despised Ethnic Groups and covid

Administrative and General Twitter Tweets and Using MediaWiki for organizing your personal website and Rasmapedia administration and Notes on various things

Some Useful Commands:

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See also my Wikipedia useful command page.