Faith versus Works

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Catholic pharisees are strict on ritual.

Calvinist pharisees are strict on doctrine and study. THey also are strict on a little bit of conduct, but only as constrained by the BIble--- nothing else can be prohibited.

Methodist pharisees are strict on behavior such as drinking.

Baptist libertines say if you are baptized you can do anything.

Catholic libertines say if you are baptized, you can do anything if you are willing to settle for more years in Purgatory or be prayed for by pious relatives.


Hermits and holy beggars try to simplify their life. Without work or family, it's hard to do much that's wrong. The great abdication. Most find they have too much time to themselves, however, and prefer to be a monk, who is told what to do and has his time filled up with simple activity. Friars make a much harder choice. Though without family, they are in the world nad active. The same for teaching nuns nad warrior monks.