Feeling versus Thinking

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Two Types of People

Some people substitute feeling for thinking, the subjective for the objective. For them, the reality of things does not matter, only the reality of emotions and attitudes. This is closely related to the idea of Guilt versus Shame cultures. It does not matter whether I am a child molester or not, only whether people *think* I am a child molester, in the Shame culture. The Woke, Neo-Marxist, idea is that you can create reality, or, at least, society can. What matters is not whether the bridge is safe, but whether we think it is safe. The engineer doesn't matter; the propagandist does.

The Feeler worries what people think of him, constantly. Image is everything. He is always trying to read hidden meanings into what other people say. The literal meaning is nothing-- it's the tone of voice, the choice of words, etc.