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Nature and Science

  • Aaron Hilliard, Mushroom Wonderland
  • If Women had Hubby Vision. It's a Southern Thing channel. You-Tube.

Higher Things

  • The Cave Simile of Plato, narrated by Orson Welles with mediocre cartoon pictures.


  • You-Tube on why pi shows up in the equation for the normal distribution

Political Comedy

Weird Al Yankovich

Abbot and Costello


Monty Python


  • Best new podcast: “Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” Although this is ostensibly about a Seattle-based church, it’ll be equally fascinating to the religious and non-religious alike. It’s a gripping dive into group psychology and celebrity culture.
  • Fall of Civilizations. Podcast. A whole series.


  • The world at War 1973 documentary Lawrence Olivier
  • BIll Murray Scrooged Not worth rewatching.
  • "Meet me in St. Louis." The 1944 Judy Garland film is a romantic musical comedy that focuses on four sisters, and it's rarely met a disapproving critic with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.
  • "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas"
  • Chrstimas with the Kranks.
  • T34 See that. With Ben
  • 1941 Bill murray JohN Belushi comedy.
  • The Munsters.
  • The Duellists (1978) follows two rival French officers through the Napoleonic Wars. A minor insult sets off a decades-long series of duels between the men, neither willing to abandoned his honor.
  • Excalibur (1981) condenses several Arthurian legends into a single spectacular epic. One of the most hypnotic and visionary films of all time.
  • The Lady Eve (1941) an extremely funny romantic comedy about a beautiful card shark trying to seduce a bumbling millionaire.
  • Russian Ark (2002) follows a ghost and his long-dead aristocrat companion through the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, bouncing through several hundred years of shared history and culture. Innovative and beautiful; shot in a single take
  • Брат (Brother) follows a recently-discharged Russian conscript as he moves to the big city in Yeltsin-era Russia to follow his hitman brother.Брат 2 (2000) picks up immediately where the first film left off, with the conscript and his brother embarking on a twisted adventure to the South Side of Chicago.
  • Maverick (1994) is a cocky western comedy starring Mel Gibson as a fast-talking and cowardly gambler trying to scrape together enough money to enter a once-in-a-lifetime poker tournament.
  • Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) is about a good-hearted dockworker unable to fight in WW2 due to hayfever, but too ashamed to go home. He is befriended by a squad of recently-returned Marines, whose scheme to return him to his family without losing face quickly snowballs.

Unknown Soldier (2017) tells the largely-ignored story of the Continuation War, a massive conflict between Finland and the Soviet Union that lasted from 1941-1944. Probably the most realistic depiction of WW2 era infantry combat ever filmed.

  • In the Line of Fire (1993) is a thriller in which Clint Eastwood faces off against John Malkovich.

Eastwood plays the sole remaining agent from JFK's secret-service detail. He's tasked with stopping an ex-CIA agent from killing the President.

  • The Counselor (2013) was Cormac McCarthy's first ever work for the screen.

It was universally panned by critics. I liked it so much I bought the screenplay. One must judge the movie on its own terms, rather than expecting "No Country for Old Men 2." It is profound.