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Nature and Science

  • Aaron Hilliard, Mushroom Wonderland
  • If Women had Hubby Vision. It's a Southern Thing channel. You-Tube.

Amy Wax, Joshua Katz

JEEVES AND WOOSTER, Price and someone.

Higher Things

  • The Cave Simile of Plato, narrated by Orson Welles with mediocre cartoon pictures.


  • You-Tube on why pi shows up in the equation for the normal distribution

Political Comedy

TV Shows on Video Sites

Weird Al Yankovich

Abbot and Costello


Monty Python


  • You Can Call Me Bill, currently in theaters. At first the viewer thinks this movie is terrible, and in a way it is. A 90-minute monologue of William Shatner? Yet as the narration proceeds the tale becomes ever deeper. Yes, he seems like this corny guy with no taste, but repeatedly you end up asking yourself whether your own philosophic musings are actually much better than his schlock. Unclear! And he was so productive. He just loved to act. Did he ever know the difference between his good and his bad work? Was there a difference? And how is it that he, now well into his 90s, stayed far more vital and alive than just about any of you are going to manage? Recommended, provided you are willing to sit through the spills and turns and winces. Those are indeed the point.
  • Best new podcast: “Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” Although this is ostensibly about a Seattle-based church, it’ll be equally fascinating to the religious and non-religious alike. It’s a gripping dive into group psychology and celebrity culture.
  • Fall of Civilizations. Podcast. A whole series.