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Use simple, basic, commands in general. REsort to fancy commands that do a lot at once only if you have a good reason, not just to write shorter or neater loking or fancier or more elegant code. Elegant code is a snobbish disaster, if "elegant" means "short" as opposed to "quick-running". LaTex is a good exmaple. You can use \section{Section}, or you can use \noindent {\bf Section 1} . Why use the latter? --Because then you know what section it is, rather than having it automatically labelled. If you delete a section, you do not WANT automatic relabellnig. It isn't worth the hassle.

\begin{THeorem} jkjlkj \end{Theorem} good example. Again, you don't want automatic renumbering. For EQUATIONS you do, because you do change the number of them a lot. And for page numbers. But not sections.

An exception is if youre actually typsetting a book. Then, you want to be ae to change the style throughout all at once.

Do not format a paper for a particular jouirnal. Format it the way you think a working paper ought to be for the reader. THen change it at the last stage, after th epaper is accepted, to fit house style.

Courier is good for making something look unfinished, which often you do want, with working papers for example.


y = x^2


\begin{equation} \nolabel
y = x^2