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Black Tulip Fungus

Urnula craterium, the devil's urn. Not very edible, they say, though I will try it. Michael Kuo, the great expert, says he tried them and they were mediocre. calls it Black Tulip Fungus, a better name, and has good links. It is basically a vase-like cup fungus, but tougher.

Coral Fungus

Lepiota: Parasol and Vomiter


Gerronema (genus)

I found in August 2021at the Weir Walk growing on a fallen log in large numbers. INaturalist identified it; Plantsnap did not. It apparenlty is of unknown edibility. Its gills make you think of a chantarelle's outside, but it is not wrinkled on the inside. It has a long narrow white stem.

Meadow Mushrooms

May 3, 2021 after rain: First meadow mushroom of the year (agaricus campestris), in the front yard. First poison ivy appearing.


Some morels
  • April 13, 2021. I found two small blackcaps.
  • April 16, 2021. Helen and I found about a dozen half-free blackcap and yellowcap, and one little black morel.
  • May 3, 2021. Found none after a rain.

Sulfur Shelf

October 12, 2020, we found that a big dead tree in the secret garden at the farm is generating large fungus growths. The one we could reach was really just a bulge, rather than shelves, but I am sure it was a sulphur shelf. It is very tender and delicious.