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"Sometimes, you see an irate and unreasonable customer loudly berating an employee of some business over the business’ perceived failure. The employee generally listens patiently and tries to fix the problem."

It's interesting that big corporations act much more like how we imagine meek, Jesus-imitating, Christians to behave than actual Christians do. The corporation is doing it for profit, of course, but it's interesting how much better Profit works than Love of God as far as behaving in a Christian manner. Christianity's answer is that the Christian is the Christian life is one of repentance and we are all sinners, so sin in Christians is to be expected. But liberals have a problem here. The profit motive works much better than intrinsic motivation in generating good behavior, so their attempt to get people to be good by indoctrination (or "education", if you like) or just because people are supposed to be good, seems doomed to failure.