Best Things of 2020

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I write these up for my Christmas cards, but I will start my draft list now.

BEST OF 2021

1. Pump action air rifles.

Crossman Air Rifle   

2. Goofspiel card game.

3. Spoons card game.

4. Wikimedia formatting code.

5. An archive of court data including opinions, oral arguments, judges, and federal filings.

6. Internet Archive library for free book borrowing.

BEST OF 2020.

1. The Leatherman Style CS multitool on a keychain, with scissors, blade, spike, bottle opener, and tweezers. Leatherman Style CS penknife

2. Chinese TV series The Story of Yanxi Palace (emperor Qianlong's harem, 1700's) and The Story of Hao Lan (the Warring States, 200 BC)

3. The DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

4. Robert Klitgaard, Tropical Gangsters

5. Pokeweed.

6. Ultimate Ears portable speakers. Badly designed, but nice sound.  Bluetooth Computer Speakers, Ultimate Ears

7. CGI coding.

Plato on the Afghan Tribal

8. Reading Plato out loud with people.

9. Daily gardening. To see how things develop.

10. dfsdfds

11. Blue Bloods. TV show.

12. Anthony Burgess's literary criticism.

13. sfdf

14. My new revolver.

15. The Weir Trail between Lake Griffy and the golf course.

16. Dallas Lake and the Shipsewanna Amish Dallas Lake Dallas Lake[/caption]

18. xxx

19. Picaridin, the newer kind of insect repellant that doesn't smell bad like deet.


20. Diogenes Laertius.

22. The four-outlet car cigarette lighter USB splitter.

23. That book on the history of Latin.

24. C. P. Snow's The Light and the Dark is a book about male friendship and depression that is very good while failing to touch either topic very well. It's virtue is in describing the relationship between civility and enmity.

25. Salted Psathyrella snacks.

Drying Rack Garbage Can for Psathyrella with Salt and Pepper   

26. Sycamore Land Trust and Lake Monroe hiking areas.

27. ssss

28. Phone Handset, though maybe with cord is better.  Class Bell Phone Handset, Bluetoothed

29. The Sabatini brand of truffle salt.


30. Afghan tribal rugs.

31. Gunhild Carling, Swedish musician (jazz, trumpet, bagpipes, impresario).

32. Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

33. Fishing at Lake Monroe.


34. Minnows as pets.

Minnows as Pets   

35. Collard Valley Cooks U-tube series.

36. The new BBQ place downtown on the Courthouse square.

New Courthouse BBQ Place   

37. Tacklife ACP1B Digital Tire Inflator (Portable Air Compressor)

38. Monk TV series.

39. Law and Liberty, the Liberty Fund magazine.