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See The Drum Roll Ellipsis.

Quotation Marks

It is awkward dealing with quotation marks within quotation marks. The convention is to use double quotation marks on the outside and single quotes on the inside, but I'm not sure that's optimal. I think it is a Changeable rule; that is, if a writer uses a different but transparent and good convention, the reader will accept it without thought.

Consider, replacing "ZZ" by "<<" (because "<<" is apparently a control character in a quote),

(1.1) ZZ I chat-boxed ("Have you posted the paper?") and later "raised my hand" and out loud made substantive ("Your data also says X") and practical ("You should list your references after the appendix instead of before") comments.>>

Sentence (1.1) uses double inequalities on the outside instead of double quotes. I think that's used in some foreign countries for quotations generally.

Using Underscores when AND is ambiguous


Doe and Sexuality and Gender Acceptance moved to intervene, and the magistrate granted their motion.


Doe and Sexuality_and_Gender_Acceptance moved to intervene, and the magistrate granted their motion.