Ostracism in Japan

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I WILL COPY THE LINK ADDRESSES BELOW INTO THE ZOOM CHAT BOX. If you arrive late, you might not see them, because I think you don't get to see chat box entries from before you arrive in zoom. If so, send me a chat message and I'll repost them. [email protected]

This page has documents for J. Mark Ramseyer and Eric Rasmusen's Harvard Law and Economics Seminar of March 30, 2021. Below are links to the paper, the slides, and the handout. We will be skipping many of the slides today. Some questions for the audience:

1. Should the paper be reorganized?

2. Do you know of examples of ostracism lawsuits or prosecutions, in Japan or elsewhere?

3. Do you know of examples of ostracism in Japan, Korea, or China?


Slides: https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism-handout.docx or https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism-handout.pdf

Handout: https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism-slides.docx or https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism-slides.pdf

List of the 25 cases: https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism_cases_list.docx or https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism_cases_list.pdf

Paper: https://rasmusen.org/papers/ostracism.docx or https://rasmusen.org/papers/ostracism.pdf

Notes: https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism-notes.docx or https://rasmusen.org/papers/slides/ostracism-notes.pdf