Tactics to Fight Cancelling

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Articles with Tips

See "Beating Back Cancel Culture: A Case Study from the Field of Artificial Intelligence" written by Pedro Domingos.

The Psychological Aspect

The art of caring what people think world spirit sock puppet Feb 12, 2021.

Salem Village farmer Giles Corey was accused of being a wizard during the Massachusetts witch trials of the late 17th century. The way the law worked then, if he pleaded to the charge, they could take all of his possessions after they found him guilty and killed him. To protect his children’s inheritance, he simply refused to plead. So they slowly piled rocks on him (“pressing,” as it was then known), and every so often asked him, “How do you plead?” The only answer they ever got out of him was, “more weight,” and on the third day he died,

‘More Weight’: An Academic’s Guide to Surviving Campus Witch Hunts", Quillette, written by Dorian S. AbbotFebruray 5, 2021.


The Conan the Barbarian quote was almost verbatumly lifted from Harold Lamb’s book 'Genghis Khan, Emperor of All Men, 1926), page 112:

“Nay,” responded the Khan, “to crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet - to take their horses and goods and hear the lamentations of their women. That is best.”

Sometimes your enemy is attempting to goad you into a mistake. He is hoping to make you angry and reckless, so that you commit an error. A calm measured response is not always indicative of weakness or passivity. Maintaining an even keel can throw your opponent off his game by not allowing him to dictate the playing field. Don’t let your opponent get into your head, get into his.

Many people play the anger game. If they can draw you in and make you angry, they feel a sense of satisfaction. Not playing along frustrates the dickens out of them. Try this: Next time some guy in his car is swearing at you and giving you the middle finger because of some imagined traffic infraction, smile give a “nice to see you wave” and watch his head explode.
--- Anonymous

It sounds like you'll be cancelled soon. It's not that bad, really, though "if it weren't for the honor of the thing I'd rather walk." http://lincolnstudies.blogspot.com/2008/01/ridden-out-of-town-on-rail.html

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