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Maybe try Summa Theologica style to questions.

Is It Permissible To Wear Surgical Masks During Church

During covid, many people started wearing masks in church, and many governments require it. Is this permissible? Or is it like  a man wearing a hat in church? 


How Should Pastors Dress?

Too many pastors-- even good guys-- dress and act like beta males. When an alpha male confesses publicly to God that he's a miserable worm, it's awesome. When a hipster with a neat beard and carefully casual clothes does it, we just think, "Of course".

Should Women Wear Hats in Church?

Would women wear them just to conform, even though they would oppose them if desired by their husbands for any reason, or by the pastor? They would wear them in dference to the State, juste as they wear masks.

Should we pray holding up our hands?

During songs, should everyone clap, or nobody clap?

Should musicians be in the front of the congregation, or behind

Should we stand for the Scripture readings?

  *For Old Testament?
  • For Gospel?
  • For Epistle?

Should the Members Be Notified if the Building Is Being Sold?

"Fellowship Church Surprises Miami Congregation with News Church Has Been Sold," Roys Report (2021).


Should You Walk In Late?

It's a matter of etiquette, not doctrine. If people are praying, either silently, as a group, or the leader praying, it is disrespectful to walk around, blow your nose, slap your naughty child, etc. If you come in and suddenly notice a prayer is in progress, halt and wait for it to end, then keep walking.

On the other hand, if a hymn is being sung, or, in my opinion, liturgy is being read, or during the sermon, it's fine to quietly walk in late.

Is it a sin to be late for church?

Yes, it is a grave sin. It shows disrespect for God Almighty. It requires repentance and a sincere desire to do better in the future.