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"#OnThisDay 1930: the BBC's news announcer said, "there is no news" and piano music was played for the remainder of the 15 minute segment."

  • Evil-Eye Fleegle appears in 7 issues of "L'il Abner":

Evil-Eye Fleegle, an otherwise petty zoot-suited hood, apparently standing only four and a half feet tall and living in Brooklyn NY, has one unique ability which was taught to him by his mother.

When he concentrates a destructive beam shots from one of his eyeballs.

Called by him a “Whammy” it has three settings:

A single whammy can knock a dozen men unconscious for a day, a double whammy can make the stone head of Teddy Roosevelt on mount Rushmore weep, and the triple whammy can melt a battleship.

Anything more powerful than a single whammy however tires out Fleegle for the rest of the day, or the rest of the week in the case of a triple.

The dreaded quadruple whammy, which only Fleegle’s mother can perform, is said to be to horrible to contemplate.

In general, the line between polished skills and natural talent becomes increasingly less obvious the higher up the ability ladder you go. Then it becomes painfully clear at the very extremes.

Nonexercise activity is a much larger driver of Kcal usage than exercise itself. something like intensity of your thinking, what emotional state you are in, habits like how often you lift your arms above your head, how often you get up from your chair etc..NEAT - non-exercise activity thermogenesis. All of the movements you do during the day; walking, standing up, fidgeting, bending over, cooking, gardening etc.

The monetary of value of most ideas is a pittance. Execution is where the magic is. That's what the economist Schumpeter emphasized. It is no part of the role of the entrepreneur to come up with new ideas; they're all over the place. His role is to obsessively pursue one idea and tread that one new path.

A consistent (weekly) Teacher-Parent-Student communication system actually makes a noticeable positive difference. A lack of communication between parents and students about school makes a noticeable negative difference.

The water coming out of a top of the line (but very common) wastewater treatment plant is only a couple easily done treatment steps away from being perfectly good drinking water. Also you are likely drinking treated wastewater from the town upstream.

When it comes to the elderly, a good death and "doing everything you can" are usually the opposite thing.

Going fast will not give you good technique. Good technique, will eventually make you fast.

Stuff needs maintenance.

Microbes are everywhere.

Top 10 US Allies were:

Canada Australia UK France Italy Ireland Israel Norway Sweden Germany

Top 10 US Enemies were:

North Korea Iran Syria Iraq Afghanistan Russia Libya Somalia Pakistan Palestine

While many of the enemies are the ones you’d expect, only 11% of Americans consider China their enemy and just 9% consider Cuba their enemy. --

Blog Comments

[typos fixed] I'm a co-author of Professor Ramseyer's. I find it notable that his scholarship is criticized with such strong language but I have yet to see any critic actually tell us us what's wrong in his article. Don't you think you're obliged to support such strong claims with *some* evidence?

His article, especially the working paper version, has convincing explanations for the falsity of the kidnapping claims--- claims that generated royalties for the "I was a Japanese kidnapper" books author and various sums paid by the Japanese government. You really need to address them. If you aren't a specialist in the field, that's no excuse. It means you should be even more careful in your language.